Call Analytics Reports for Your Business

Enjoy real-time insights and optimize your business strategy with Teliqon. Our call analytics reports, included in the Cloud PBX service package, will help you boost customer experience, allocate budgets, and improve your inbound and outbound call management with our detailed statistics and analytics

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Benefits and Advancements for Your Needs
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To create effective marketing campaigns with predictable and desired results, you have to understand your target audience’s needs. By analyzing your communication with clients and obtaining real-time behavioral reports, you will be able to:

Core Features of Call Analytics Reports

Our services will help improve your performance in any industry and satisfy the needs of organizations with urgent, luxury, and complex purchases. With customized and versatile call dashboards, you will be able to select your target analysis criteria and personalized KPIs to get the data you really require. Aside from several editing options, our system’s interface is highly responsive and works with different import and export formats

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Why Choose Call Analytics Reports from Teliqon ?

With Teliqon, you get a marvelous opportunity to advance your communication strategy. Your switch to a Cloud PBX system will systematize your files and your analytics data. Advance your strategy of receiving in-depth customer insights:

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