Improve Business Communications with Teliqon Advanced Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is a system empowers your business to communicate effortlessly with clients and team members anywhere in the world regardless of the company's physical location. You don’t have to install dedicated hardware. Cloud PBX avoids unnecessary operational costs and helps you elaborate on your team’s supervision, connectivity, and integration.

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How Cloud PBX Can Boost Your Bussiness
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With this technology, you take your routine communications to the next level:

Compared to original PBX and following VoIP-based systems, you can drastically reduce the hassle of management and mitigate the expenditure the maintenance and scaling of the traditional phone network requires.

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Why Cloud PBX Is Worth It ?

Subscribe to a modern Cloud PBX system and try the best advancements it offers hands-on:

Why Choose Cloud PBX from Teliqon ?


Expert Guidance

Receive personalized assistance when switching from your current phone network to Teliqon's advanced phone network.


Advanced features

Our Cloud PBX is equipped with advanced features like call analytics, call recording, and CRM integration, empowering to gain insights, optimize sales strategies, and improve customer interactions.


Scalable solution

Our Cloud PBX can easily scale along with growing call center, ensuring seamless communication and supporting her business expansion.


User-friendly interface

Our Cloud PBX solution offers a modern and intuitive interface, allowing quickly navigate and manage calls without any technical hurdles.

Affordable Price Flexibility with Teliqon


Enjoy exceptional value for your money with our monthly subscription model, featuring plans starting at only $50.

Customizable Plans

Choose from a wide variety of tariff options, each tailored to fit your budget and unique needs.

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