What Is WebRTC Dialer?

Revolutionize your communication with our Cloud PBX services. With web real-time communication dialer, your interaction with third parties can take on the go in any web browser of your choice. Compared to competitive technologies, this one doesn’t require the use of plugins and applications

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WebRTC Dialer Performance

The main distinguishing feature of this technology is its direction connection between the system’s core and the target device. If you are searching for a handy, flexible, and affordable connectivity method, Teliqon has the answer:

Is WebRTC Dialer a Good Choice for Your Business ?

Building your custom WebRTC is an adventurous challenge. Teliqon offers a ready-made solution included in the Cloud PBX service package. Smartphone communication is a modern way to entice more end users and improve your responsiveness and availability. With our help, you’ll naturally upgrade your current communication model and advance its management and scalability. Its incredible versatility will cater to your business needs and will be usable out of the box.

P.S. WebRTC Dialer is a Good Choice for Your Business

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Why Choose WebRTC Dialer from Teliqon ?

Consult our experts to discover the best solution — it will suit your communication and maintenance needs. We are here to ensure your non-interfere, adaptable, and scalable connectivity with your customers and partners:

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