What Is SIP Trunking?

Outbound your communication globally with Teliqon and its cloud-based services. Contrary to traditional connectivity schemes, Session Initiation Protocol technology promotes easy and prompt connection of cell phones and similar devices to the international network.

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SIP Trunking Features

Explore a more functional and advantageous communication strategy with this technology

Is SIP Trunking a Good Choice for Your Business ?

With the right maintenance and implementation, this communication model will definitely become a profitable business decision. Your company can harness this technology for both remote and in-house personnel to be easily reachable, immediately available, and ready to work

P.S. SIP Trunking is a Good Choice for Your Business

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Why Choose SIP Trunking from Teliqon ?

Our seasoned team of experts will help you reach new communication horizons and remove the boundaries of hardware-dependant telecommunications. Our cloud-based technologies are highly scalable and come at an inexpensive cost

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You get everything you need to advance your business telecommunication

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